Research | Carmen Ferrer


Seamless Integration of Culture in Cruise and Vessels Design


The intent of this research paper is to address how culture affects onboard living, and consequently design. Life aboard a ship has challenged children and adults alike from the beginning of sailing history. Voyagers depend entirely on their ships and the people aboard them; as culture differs from each country so do the standards of living.

The paper will serve to analyze the existing markets that predominate the cruising industry, since these have a great influence and impact in the world. Following these findings it will progress into the study of the elements of nautical design, that change in order to comply with the standards of the cultures being studied. Moreover, it will explore the elements of interior design, which depending on the culture, make an impact on living aboard a ship: space, light, form, texture, color, furniture and objects.
Each country passes information down from older generations to younger ones making possible to conserve the cultural heritage. Children have learned from their parents and ancestors how to design and built a vessel, but this gives rise to the question that leads to this study. How can a designer that comes from another culture keep the standards and the concepts of design that have been learned and kept through generations?
Following this premise, the research findings can be compiled to allow for the creation of a handbook that compares and contrasts cruise ship and vessels design standards among the different cultures, including a cognitive map where different cultures intercept with specific age spans (selected by the importance they have in each chosen culture) providing a specific guideline of the elements that need to be considered when designing for that specific target. The hope is that this handbook will enable designers and students to learn and improve their design process. This study will provide a way to access information needed in a world that has become a melting pot, where people travel the world to work and live and more often have to experience, adapt, respect and become a part of different and new cultures.