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During my professional career accompanied by study, I have several experiences in different sectors: from naval logistics, to marketing and sales.Once I concluded the Bachelor and Master in Architecture Naval/Yacht at the University of Genoa (Italy) I worked abroad for Philips Gmbh in Aachen (Germany) in the Sales/Marketing department. In the same time I finished my academic PhD Studies at the University of Aachen (Germany) and UNIGE Genova (Italy).
Presently I am working at SCA Ltd in Monaco Montecarlo. SCA is one of the leading  NATO/NSPA contractors for war Ships. My daily tasks involve among others: logistic and technical operation/support for the husbanding services other than fuel trader operation supply; relationship with Embassies and Local Governments and supervision-coordination of the VPD naval security program and activity.
Due to my various International experiences and studies, I worked in many different countries such as the USA, Germany and France. I had the possibility to grow on personal professional skills and I became more competent on many fields, particularly, on problem solving and teamwork.  I am customer service oriented, accustomed to work under pressure and dealing with work and client needs. I am a conscientious person, hard worker, I always pay attention to the details. I am also flexible and open-minded, and I perform my job with passion.
All my various experiences in naval sector, enabled me to work as part of a Team, achieving the Company goals.

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